Pope Francis praises work of nurses, recalls the one who saved his life

Catholic News Agency

.- Speaking to a group of nurses on Saturday, Pope Francis thanked them for their valuable work and paid a tribute to the Dominican nun who saved his life when he was a young man.

“[She was] a good woman, even brave, to the point of arguing with the doctors. Humble, but sure of what she was doing,” he said March 3.

Francis told a brief story from when he was just 20 years old in Argentina. He was ill and close to dying, he said, when Sr. Cornelia Caraglio, who was a nurse from Italy working in Argentina, argued with the doctors about his treatment, “and thanks to those things [she suggested], I survived.”

The pope told the story to help illustrate the importance of the profession of nursing, saying “many lives, so many lives are saved thanks to you!”

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